100 Zones Wireless Intelligent Security Alarm System, Frequency: 433MHz


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1. 99 wireless defense zones.
2. 6 groups of voice alarm phones (mobile phone) and 2 groups of phones in alarm receiving center.
3. At most 8 wireless remote controllers.
4. Built-in perpetual calendar and clock, automatic logging of alarm cases by time sequence, no need to reset.
5. Computer prompt for operation guidance: Artificial prompt, clear record playback.
6. Wired siren in standard kits wireless loud sound nad light siren can be added.
7. Automatic timing arm and disarm to avoid artificial operating fault and complexity.
8. External siren prompt to set ON/OFF when arm and disarm
9. Arm zones delay, enter delay, remote control to arm and disarm by remote controller, keypad and mobile phone.
10. All zones could be programmed via keypad for immediate, delayed, 24 hours and bypass alarm modes for flexible change to each detector.
11. Alarm phone and intelligent prompt to automatic identification of alarm: XX defense, XX alarm.
12. Intelligent automatic speech recognition: SOS alarm, fire alarm, gas leak, magnetic contact alarm, hall alarm, window alarm, balcony alarm, and perimeter alarm.
13. Prompt for whole operation guidance, automatic prompt for host status and alarm.
14. Intelligent learning code: Convenient and simple added with detectors.
15. Timing defense and withdrawal: Host features automatic timing defense and withdrawal.
16. Password recovery: whether the console is in defense or withdrawal, the lost password can be recovered.
17. Automatic host memory for arm and disarm, which enable the host automatically recover to the status before power cut shut down or reset.
18. Event log query: Host automatically records 45 pieces of all information concerning defense, withdrawal and alarm events.
19. Host automatically detects the phone lines, alarm warning in case of line disconnection for anti-sabotage of telephone lines.
20. Through phone (cell phone) dial-up, many operations could be realized, like arm, disarm and on-site monitoring.
21. Host is equipped with battery box, with built in AAA NI-HM rechargeable battery to realize 24 hours' work even in powering off.
22. Host meets 3C safety standards and national standard GB12663-2001
23. Compatible with internationally accepted protocol of alarm receipt center: ademco contact ID alarm communication protocol.


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100 Zones Wireless Intelligent Security Alarm System, Frequency: 433MHz

100 Zones Wireless Intelligent Security Alarm System, Frequency: 433MHz

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