LGE-DMDL10N Drive PBC Board for XBOX 360


LGE-DMDL10N PCB Board Description:

1) Replacement LGE-DMDL10N PCB PCB for XBOX360

2) One of the problems with the Xbox 360 is it is hard to re-flash your Liteon drives, or they get damaged in the process of getting the unique drive key out of them, well Team has released a new product to solve some of these problems, a total 'drive replacement' PCB Board for the X360 Liteon.

LGE-DMDL10N PCB Board Features:

1) Fits all Hitachi-LG LGE-DMDL10N Drives

2) Fully compatible with all revision.

3) Supplied with external programmer to enable/disable write protect and reflash firmware.

4) No need to open again the DVD or the Xbox360 once installed.

5) An easy and simple swap out system for the original DVD board.

6) Easily programmable using any SATA programming tool.

7) Fully compatible with Jungleflasher software.


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LGE-DMDL10N Drive PBC Board for XBOX 360

LGE-DMDL10N Drive PBC Board for XBOX 360

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